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From Wangda Tan <wheele...@gmail.com>
Subject Hadoop 3.1.0 release discussion
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2017 21:20:44 GMT
Hi all,

Congratulations on the 3.0.0-GA release!

As we discussed in the previous email thread [1], I'd like to restart 3.1.0
release plans.

a) Quick summary:
a.1 Release status
We started 3.1 release discussion on Sep 6, 2017 [1]. As of today, there’re
232 patches loaded on 3.1.0 alone [2], besides 6 open blockers and 22 open
critical issues.

a.2 Release date update
Considering delays of 3.0-GA release by month-and-a-half, I propose to move
the dates as follows
 - feature freeze date from Dec 15, 2017, to Jan 30, 2018 - last date for
any branches to get merged too;
 - code freeze (blockers & critical only) date to Feb 08, 2018;
 - release voting start by Feb 18, 2018, leaving time for at least two RCx
 - release date from Jan 15, 2018, to Feb 28, 2018;

Unlike before, I added an additional milestone for release-vote-start so
that we can account for voting time-period also.

This overall is still 5 1/2 months of release-timeline unlike the faster
cadence we hoped for, but this, in my opinion, is the best-updated timeline
given the delays of the final release of 3.0-GA.

b) Individual feature status:
I spoke to several feature owners and checked the status of un-finished
features, following are status of features planned to 3.1.0:

b.1 Merged & Completed features:
* (Sunil) YARN-5881: Support absolute value in CapacityScheduler.
* (Wangda) YARN-6223: GPU support on YARN. Features in trunk and works
* (Jian) YARN-5079,YARN-4793,YARN-4757,YARN-6419 YARN native services.
* (Steve Loughran): HADOOP-13786: S3Guard committer for zero-rename commits.
* (Suma): YARN-7117: Capacity Scheduler: Support Auto Creation of Leaf
Queues While Doing Queue Mapping.

b.2 Features close to finish:
* (Chris Douglas) HDFS-9806: HDFS Tiered Storage. Being voting now.
* (Zhankun) YARN-5983: FPGA support. Majority implementations completed and
merged to trunk. Except for UI/documentation.
* (Uma) HDFS-10285: HDFS SPS. Majority implementations are done, some
discussions going on about implementation.

b.3 Tentative features:
* (Arun Suresh). YARN-5972: Support pausing/freezing opportunistic
containers. Only one pending patch. Plan to finish before Jan 7th.
* (Haibo Chen). YARN-1011: Resource overcommitment. Looks challenging to be
done before Jan 2018.
* (Arun Suresh / Kostas / Wangda). YARN-6592: New SchedulingRequest and
anti-affinity support. Tentative will figure out by Jan 1st.
* (Anu): HDFS-7240: Ozone. Given the discussion on HDFS-7240. Looks
challenging to be done before Jan 2018.
* (Varun V) YARN-5673: container-executor write. Given security refactoring
of c-e (YARN-6623) is already landed, IMHO other stuff may be moved to 3.2.

b.4 Additional release drivers
* More exhaustive upgrade testing from 2.x to 3.x.

c) Regarding branch cut:

We will keep pointing trunk to 3.1 and cut branch-3.1 until: A. some
feature planned to 3.2 has to be landed on trunk or B. After feature freeze
date, whichever comes first.

I've also talked offline with Vinod to get help on release-management given
this is my first release. He agreed to help do this release jointly.


Wangda Tan

[2] "project in (YARN, HADOOP, MAPREDUCE, HDFS) AND fixVersion in (3.1.0)
AND fixVersion not in (3.0.0,2.9.0) ORDER BY priority DESC”

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