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From Eric Yang <ey...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: proposed new repository for hadoop/ozone docker images (+update on docker works)
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2019 19:00:06 GMT
1, 3. There are 38 Apache projects hosting docker images on Docker hub using Apache Organization.
 By browsing Apache github mirror.  There are only 7 projects using a separate repository
for docker image build.  Popular projects official images are not from Apache organization,
such as zookeeper, tomcat, httpd.  We may not disrupt what other Apache projects are doing,
but it looks like inline build process is widely employed by majority of projects such as
Nifi, Brooklyn, thrift, karaf, syncope and others.  The situation seems a bit chaotic for
Apache as a whole.  However, Hadoop community can decide what is best for Hadoop.  My preference
is to remove ozone from source tree naming, if Ozone is intended to be subproject of Hadoop
for long period of time.  This enables Hadoop community to host docker images for various
subproject without having to check out several source tree to trigger a grand build.  However,
inline build process seems more popular than separated process.  Hence, I highly recommend
making docker build inline if possible.

2. I think open an INFRA ticket, and there are Jenkins users who can configure the job to
run on nodes that have Apache repo credential.

4. The docker image name maps to maven project name.  Hence, if it is Hadoop-ozone as project
name.  The convention automatically follows the maven artifact name with option to customize.
 I think it is reasonable and it automatically tagged with the same maven project version,
which minimize version number management between maven and docker.


On 1/31/19, 8:59 AM, "Elek, Marton" <elek@apache.org> wrote:

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the answers
    > Hadoop-docker-ozone.git source tree naming seems to create a unique
    process for Ozone.
    Not at all. We would like to follow the existing practice which is
    established in HADOOP-14898. In HDDS-851 we discussed why we need two
    separated repositories for hadoop/ozone: because the limitation of the
    dockerhub branch/tag mapping.
    I am 100% open to switch to use an other approach. I would suggest to
    create a JIRA for that as it requires code modification in the
    docker-hadoop-* branches.
    > Flagging automated build on dockerhub seems conflicts with Apache
    release policy.
    Honestly I don't know. It was discussed in HADOOP-14989 and the
    connected INFRA ticket and there was no arguments against it. Especially
    as we just followed the existing practice and we just followed the
    practice which is started by other projects.
    Now I checked again the docker related INFRA tickets it seems that we
    have two other practice since than:
     1) build docker image on the jenkins (is it compliant?)
     2) get permission to push to the apache/... from local.
    You suggested to the the second one. Do you have more information how is
    it possible? How and who can request permission to push the
    apache/hadoop for example?
    From one point of view, publishing existing, voted releases in docker
    images is something like to repackage it. But you may have right and
    this is wrong because it should be handled as separated releases.
    Do you know any official ASF wiki/doc/mail discussion about managing
    docker images? If not, I would suggest to create a new wiki/doc as it
    seems that we have no clear answer which is the most compliant way to do it.
    Thank you the suggestions to use dockerhub/own namespace to stage docker
    images during the build. Sounds good to me. But I also wrote some other
    problems in my previous mail (3 b,c,d), this is is just one (3/a). Do
    you have any suggestion to solve the other problems?
     * Updating existing images (for example in case of an ssl bug, rebuild
    all the existing images with exactly the same payload but updated base
    image/os environment)
     * Creating image for older releases (We would like to provide images,
    for hadoop 2.6/2.7/2.7/2.8/2.9. Especially for doing automatic testing
    with different versions).
    Thanks a lot,
    On 1/30/19 6:50 PM, Eric Yang wrote:
    > Hi Marton,
    > Hi Marton,
    > Flagging automated build on dockerhub seems conflicts with Apache release policy.
 The vote and release process are manual processes of Apache Way.  Therefore, 3 b)-3 d) improvement
will be out of reach unless policy changes.
    > YARN-7129 is straight forward by using dockerfile-maven-plugin to build docker image
locally.  It also checks for existence of /var/run/docker.sock to ensure docker is running.
 This allows the docker image to build in developer sandbox, if the developer sandbox mounts
the host /var/run/docker.sock.  Maven deploy can configure repository location and authentication
credential using ~/.docker/config.json and maven settings.xml.  This can upload release candidate
image to release manager's dockerhub account for release vote.  Once the vote passes, the
image can be pushed to Apache official dockerhub repository by release manager or an Apache
Jenkin job to tag the image and push to Apache account.
    > Ozone image and application catalog image are in similar situation that test image
can be built and tested locally.  The official voted artifacts can be uploaded to Apache dockerhub
account.  Hence, less variant of the same procedure will be great.  Hadoop-docker-ozone.git
source tree naming seems to create a unique process for Ozone.  I think it would be preferable
to call the Hadoop-docker.git that comprise all docker image builds or dockerfile-maven-plugin
    > Regards,
    > Eric
    > On 1/30/19, 12:56 AM, "Elek, Marton" <elek@apache.org> wrote:
    >     Thanks Eric the suggestions.
    >     Unfortunately (as Anu wrote it) our use-case is slightly different.
    >     It was discussed in HADOOP-14898 and HDDS-851 but let me summarize the
    >     motivation:
    >     We would like to upload containers to the dockerhub for each releases
    >     (eg: apache/hadoop:3.2.0)
    >     According to the Apache release policy, it's not allowed, to publish
    >     snapshot builds (=not voted by PMC) outside of the developer community.
    >     1. We started to follow the pattern which is used by other Apache
    >     projects: docker containers are just different packaging of the already
    >     voted binary releases. Therefore we create the containers from the voted
    >     releases. (See [1] as an example)
    >     2. With separating the build of the source code and the docker image we
    >     get additional benefits: for example we can rebuild the images in case
    >     of a security problem in the underlying container OS. This is just a new
    >     empty commit on the branch and the original release will be repackaged.
    >     3. Technically it would be possible to add the Dockerfile to the source
    >     tree and publish the docker image together with the release by the
    >     release manager but it's also problematic:
    >       a) there is no easy way to stage the images for the vote
    >       b) we have no access to the apache dockerhub credentials
    >       c) it couldn't be flagged as automated on dockerhub
    >       d) It couldn't support the critical updates as I wrote in (2.).
    >     So the easy way what we found is ask INFRA to register a branch to the
    >     dockerhub to use for the image creation. The build/packaging will be
    >     done by the dockerhub but only released artifacts will be included.
    >     Because the limitation of the dockerhub to set a map between branch
    >     names and tags, we need a new repository instead of the branch (see the
    >     comments in HDDS-851 for more details).
    >     We also have a different use case to build developer images to create a
    >     test cluster. These images will never be uploaded to the hub. We have a
    >     Dokcerfile in the source tree for this use case (see HDDS-872). And
    >     thank you very much the hint, I will definitely check how YARN-7129 can
    >     do it and will try to learn from it.
    >     Thanks,
    >     Marton
    >     [1]: https://github.com/apache/hadoop/tree/docker-hadoop-3
    >     On 1/30/19 2:50 AM, Anu Engineer wrote:
    >     > Marton please correct me I am wrong, but I believe that without this branch
it is hard for us to push to Apache DockerHub. This allows for Apache account integration
and dockerHub.
    >     > Does YARN publish to the Docker Hub via Apache account?
    >     > 
    >     > 
    >     > Thanks
    >     > Anu
    >     > 
    >     > 
    >     > On 1/29/19, 4:54 PM, "Eric Yang" <eyang@hortonworks.com> wrote:
    >     > 
    >     >     By separating Hadoop docker related build into a separate git repository
have some slippery slope.  It is harder to synchronize the changes between two separate source
trees.  There is multi-steps process to build jar, tarball, and docker images.  This might
be problematic to reproduce.
    >     >     
    >     >     It would be best to arrange code such that docker image build process
can be invoked as part of maven build process.  The profile is activated only if docker is
installed and running on the environment.  This allows to produce jar, tarball, and docker
images all at once without hindering existing build procedure.
    >     >     
    >     >     YARN-7129 is one of the examples that making a subproject in YARN to
build a docker image that can run in YARN.  It automatically detects presence of docker and
build docker image when docker is available.  If docker is not running, the subproject skips
and proceed to next sub-project.  Please try out YARN-7129 style of build process, and see
this is a possible solution to solve docker image generation issue?  Thanks
    >     >     
    >     >     Regards,
    >     >     Eric
    >     >     
    >     >     On 1/29/19, 3:44 PM, "Arpit Agarwal" <aagarwal@cloudera.com.INVALID>
    >     >     
    >     >         I’ve requested a new repo hadoop-docker-ozone.git in gitbox.
    >     >         
    >     >         
    >     >         > On Jan 22, 2019, at 4:59 AM, Elek, Marton <elek@apache.org>
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > TLDR;
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > I proposed to create a separated git repository for ozone docker
    >     >         > in HDDS-851 (hadoop-docker-ozone.git)
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > If there is no objections in the next 3 days I will ask an
Apache Member
    >     >         > to create the repository.
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > LONG VERSION:
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > In HADOOP-14898 multiple docker containers and helper scripts
    >     >         > created for Hadoop.
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > The main goal was to:
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 1.) help the development with easy-to-use docker images
    >     >         > 2.) provide official hadoop images to make it easy to test
new features
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > As of now we have:
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > - apache/hadoop-runner image (which contains the required dependency
    >     >         > but no hadoop)
    >     >         > - apache/hadoop:2 and apache/hadoop:3 images (to try out latest
    >     >         > from 2/3 lines)
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > The base image to run hadoop (apache/hadoop-runner) is also
heavily used
    >     >         > for Ozone distribution/development.
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > The Ozone distribution contains docker-compose based cluster
    >     >         > to start various type of clusters and scripts to do smoketesting.
    >     >         > HADOOP-16063 for more details).
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > Note: I personally believe that these definitions help a lot
to start
    >     >         > different type of clusters. For example it could be tricky
to try out
    >     >         > router based federation as it requires multiple HA clusters.
But with a
    >     >         > simple docker-compose definition [1] it could be started under
    >     >         > minutes. (HADOOP-16063 is about creating these definitions
for various
    >     >         > hdfs/yarn use cases)
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > As of now we have dedicated branches in the hadoop git repository
    >     >         > the docker images (docker-hadoop-runner, docker-hadoop-2,
    >     >         > docker-hadoop-3). It turns out that a separated repository
would be more
    >     >         > effective as the dockerhub can use only full branch names as
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > We would like to provide ozone docker images to make the evaluation
    >     >         > easy as 'docker run -d apache/hadoop-ozone:0.3.0', therefore
in HDDS-851
    >     >         > we agreed to create a separated repository for the hadoop-ozone
    >     >         > images.
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > If this approach works well we can also move out the existing
    >     >         > docker-hadoop-2/docker-hadoop-3/docker-hadoop-runner branches
    >     >         > hadoop.git to an other separated hadoop-docker.git repository)
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > Please let me know if you have any comments,
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > Thanks,
    >     >         > Marton
    >     >         > 
    >     >         > 1: see
    >     >         > https://github.com/flokkr/runtime-compose/tree/master/hdfs/routerfeder
    >     >         > as an example
    >     >         > 
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