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From Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <vino...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Moving branch-2 to java 8
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2019 20:18:07 GMT
The community made a decision long time ago that we'd like to keep the compatibility &
so tie branch-2 to Java 7, but do Java 8+ only work on 3.x.

I always assumed that most (all?) downstream users build branch-2 on JDK 7 only, can anyone
confirm? If so, there may be an easier way to address these test issues.


> On Jan 28, 2019, at 11:24 AM, Jonathan Hung <jyhung2357@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Forking a discussion based on HADOOP-15711. To summarize, there are issues
> with branch-2 tests running on java 7 (openjdk) which don't exist on java
> 8. From our testing, the build can pass with openjdk 8.
> For branch-3, the work to move the build to use java 8 was done in
> HADOOP-14816 as part of the Dockerfile OS version change. HADOOP-16053 was
> filed to backport this OS version change to branch-2 (but without the java
> 7 -> java 8 change). So my proposal is to also make the java 7 -> java 8
> version change in branch-2.
> As mentioned in HADOOP-15711, the main issue is around source and binary
> compatibility. I don't currently have a great answer, but one initial
> thought is to build source/binary against java 7 to ensure compatibility
> and run the rest of the build as java 8.
> Thoughts?
> Jonathan Hung

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