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From Szilard Nemeth <snem...@cloudera.com.INVALID>
Subject Tool to view current status (applicability) of patches
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 14:17:35 GMT

I developed a tool recently, that can help to see the status of patches and
checks if they can be applied to trunk (or any specified branch).
The motivation for the project was quite trivial: It's very cumbersome to
keep track of the status of all our pending patches with our YARN team.
We already have a sheet to keep track of pending patches of our upstream
work, so there came my idea: Let's write a script that checks if the
patches still apply to trunk (or any specified branch / branches).

The project currently has jira and Google Sheets integration (read/write).

On a more longer-term, I'm planning to provide some javascript script that
would place Red/Green status lights next to the patches that indicate their
applicability to trunk.
I would also pay attention to minimize requests sent to jira, so I'm
planning to introduce some caching and provide a "force-refresh status"
button to get the current status of the patch.

Do you guys think this is a good idea and it's worth to spend some more
time on this?
This would require a moderate amount of work but my main concern is where
to host this service.
Is there an Apache server (or any other infra) that could host this
application? The memory / cpu footprint is quite moderate, it requires some
network bandwidth, though.

Here's the link for the git repo of the project:
The project is still in a PoC phase so the code is not the cleanest, I'm
planning to improve this in the near-future.

Please feel free to share your thoughs, feedback, ideas, anything!


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