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From Fancy Yin <yfxh...@gmail.com>
Subject how to debug bsp jobs in hama
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 02:10:43 GMT

I am new to distributed system.

When I tried to write some experimental
code with Hama, I met one problem:how to debug a BSP job in Hama
pseudo-distributed environment.

>From code, I know that GroomServer child task is spawned like this:

this.process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(args, null, dir);

This is a child process. In Netbeans, I run the job as main process.
For the main process, I can make breakpoint and debug it in any way.
But for the child process, what should I do if I want to debug it ?
How can I make sure whether there is some mistake in my bsp job.

or maybe there is another way to debug it not in pseudo-distributed environment?

My development environment is a pseudo-distributed enviroment.
BSPMasterRunner process and GroomServerRunner are in the same

The following is my process snapshot when I run my bsp job.

5087 HRegionServer
25763 GroomServer$Child
16258 Main
22918 BSPMasterRunner
4653 TaskTracker
4412 SecondaryNameNode
4839 QuorumPeerMain
4490 JobTracker
25930 Jps
25694 Main
4933 HMaster
4247 DataNode
4060 NameNode
23055 GroomServerRunner

I will appreciate u very much if you can give me some suggestions.


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