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From Leonidas Fegaras <fega...@cse.uta.edu>
Subject Problem with input HDFS paths separated by a comma
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2012 15:04:43 GMT
Dear fellow Hama users,
It seems that FileInputFormat.setInputPaths doesn't work correctly for 
multiple HDFS paths (although it works fine in local mode using local 
files). I am using Hama 0.5.0 on Hadoop 1.0.3.
I am attaching a simple code that concatenates text form files (just to 
show the error).
It works fine in local mode for multiple files, it works fine in 
pseudo-distributed mode for just one file, but it doesn't work in 
pseudo-distributed mode on multiple HDFS files: it displays the 
following with no entry in the log for this job:

12/07/28 09:42:00 INFO bsp.FileInputFormat: Total input paths to process : 2
12/07/28 09:42:00 INFO bsp.FileInputFormat: Total # of splits: 4
12/07/28 09:42:00 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: Running job: job_201207280900_0004
12/07/28 09:42:03 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: Current supersteps number: 0
12/07/28 09:42:03 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: Job failed.

Both paths are correct and can be accessed separately.
Is this a Hama error or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for your help,
Best regards
Leonidas Fegaras
U. of Texas at Arlington

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