Hi All,

I am experiencing this werid problem, that when I run a program multiple times it fails sometimes and throws "Messages must never be behind the vertex in ID! Current Message ID" error. I was under the impression that this is caused due to the graph input being in wrong format. If that is the case then it should either fail always or succeed always. 
I am not sure why it works sometimes but fails some other times, I was experimenting with different values of max_iterations, and it seemed like for value between 2 and 5 it was throwing this error and values above 6 were fine, but then I also got this error with max_iterations=6.

I am including the graph file, which has the format

<node_id> <boolean_flag_is_leaf> [<neighbor_id list>]+

and the log file for job runs with max_iteration values [2,3,6,10]. The outputs for different jobs are spearated by new lines. 
Any help here?