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From "步青云" <mailliup...@qq.com>
Subject Reply:Vertices didn't become active when it received messages
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 07:36:57 GMT
Oh,I know.If all vertices became inactive in superstep n,the program would exit superstep and
didn't go to superstep n+1,even though some vertices send messages to others in superstep
But in my opinion,if there were messages from vertex A to vertex B,even though vertex A and
B were both inactive,the program should do the next superstep.
Just express the personal view. 

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Sender: "步青云"<mailliuping@qq.com>;
Send time: Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 11:12 PM
To: "user"<user@hama.apache.org>; 

Subject: Vertices didn't become active when it received messages

I have a question,Should a vertex become active when it receive some messages,even though
it was inactive before receiving message?
Now,my program got a problem.In detail,some vertices became inactive in Superstep n.And they
would receive messages in Superstep n+m.In my opinion,these vertices which received messages
should became active.However,they are not.If these vertices didn't become inactive in Superstep
n,the program would run util it reach MaxIteration.
What should I do?What's more,I am debuging at local model of Hama 0.6.2.And when I running
on distributed mode of Hama 0.6.3,the same problem appeared.
Some code of my program are as follows:
                         if (getSuperstepCount() >= 3) {
				if (!match || (!messages.iterator().hasNext())) {
				for (TriTextPair msg : messages) {
				boolean flag = judge(judgeList, matchSet);
				if (flag) {
				} else {
					sendMessageToNeighbors(new TriTextPair(getVertexID(),
							getLabel(), new Text("frP")));

Are there any errors in my program?I need help.Thanks.
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