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From Twelfth Man <betterseaha...@gmail.com>
Subject HAWQ + ORCA cause core dump
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2016 02:20:26 GMT
Hello HAWQ community,

We have no problem to build and deploy a local hawq instance for
experiment.  But we have no luck to make ORCA work. I wonder any one here
had similar experience before and like to share.

What we see:

create a test table T;
insert some data into table T;

select count(*) from T;

it works with no any problem.

set optimizer=on;
select count(*) from T;

server closed the connection unexpectedly
This probably means the server terminated abnormally
before or while processing the request.

on the server side, we found the following stack trace from master server
log under pg_log/

2016-06-03 02:37:36.993438 CST,,,p26361,th0,,,2016-06-03 02:37:36
CST,0,con19,cmd1,seg-10000,,,,,"PANIC","XX000","Unexpected internal error:
Master process received signal SIGSEGV",,,,,,,0,,,,"1    0x95daf1 postgres
<symbol not found> + 0x95daf1
2    0x95dcfd postgres StandardHandlerForSigillSigsegvSigbus_OnMainThread +
3    0x879c4f postgres CdbProgramErrorHandler + 0xf4
4    0x7f1950045be0 libpthread.so.0 <symbol not found> + 0x50045be0
5    0x7f194bf3a9a0 libnaucrates.so.3 InitDXL + 0x40
6    0x7f19502f64ed libdxltranslators.so _ZN9COptTasks7ExecuteEPFPvS0_ES0_
+ 0x3d
7    0x7f19502f7a56 libdxltranslators.so
_ZN9COptTasks15PplstmtOptimizeEP5QueryPb + 0x36
8    0x7df4df postgres <symbol not found> + 0x7df4df
9    0x7df8dc postgres planner + 0x3cb
10   0x875958 postgres pg_plan_query + 0x51
11   0x875a63 postgres pg_plan_queries + 0x8e
12   0x876efb postgres <symbol not found> + 0x876efb

The 12th Man

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