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From Gmail <xunzhang...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: feature test framework issue
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2016 02:34:24 GMT
Thanks for pointing this.
I am not sure, but I could remember the current way is to compile to object files and then
linking together to a feature-test binary.

Besides, I think the current compile time is like 80% of linking + 20% of compiling objects.

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> 在 2016年7月8日,10:23,Paul Guo <paulguo@gmail.com> 写道:
> I'm adding some feature tests into hawq code, however I found currently the makefile
code compiles all of the test cpp files each time, regardless of single file change or no
file change. This is too time-consuming given in the future there will be more and more cases.
See more below.
> g++ -I/usr/include -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include/libxml2 -I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/test/feature/
-I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/test/feature/lib/ -I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/interfaces/libpq
-I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/interfaces -I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/include 
-I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/depends/thirdparty/googletest/googletest/include -I/data2/github/incubator-hawq/depends/thirdparty/googletest/googlemock/include
-Wall -O0 -g -std=c++11 test_main.cpp ExternalSource/test_errortbl.cpp ExternalSource/test_exttab.cpp
ManagementTool/test_hawq_register.cpp PreparedStatement/TestPreparedStatement.cpp UDF/TestUDF.cpp
ao/TestAoSnappy.cpp catalog/test_alter_owner.cpp catalog/test_alter_table.cpp lib/command.cpp
lib/data_gen.cpp lib/file_replace.cpp lib/hawq_config.cpp lib/psql.cpp lib/sql_util.cpp lib/string_util.cpp
lib/xml_parser.cpp parquet/test_parquet.cpp partition/test_partition.cpp query/test_aggregate.cpp
query/test_insert.cpp query/test_prepare.cpp query/test_sequence.cpp testlib/test_lib.cpp
type/TestType.cpp -L../../../src/port -L../../../src/port -Wl,--as-needed -L/data2/github/incubator-hawq/depends/libhdfs3/build/install/data2/github/hawq-install/lib
-Wl,-rpath,'/data2/github/hawq-install/lib',--enable-new-dtags -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/lib
-L/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/test/feature/ -L/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/test/feature/lib/
-L/data2/github/incubator-hawq/src/interfaces/libpq -L/data2/github/incubator-hawq/depends/thirdparty/googletest/build/googlemock
-L/data2/github/incubator-hawq/depends/thirdparty/googletest/build/googlemock/gtest -lpgport
-ljson-c -levent -lyaml -lsnappy -lbz2 -lrt -lssl -lcrypto -lz -lreadline -lcrypt -ldl -lm
 -L/usr/local/lib -lcurl -lyarn -lkrb5 -lgtest -lpq -lxml2 -ltest -o feature-test
> PROG = test_main.cpp $(wildcard */*.cpp)
> RM = rm -rf
> .PHONY: all sharelib sharelibclean distclean clean doc
> all: sharelib
>     $(MAKE) -C lib all
>     $(CXX) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CXXFLAGS) $(PROG) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS) -o feature-test
> Above is related code in Makefile. since share lib is a .PHONY target without dependency,
> above code will always be executed.
> So we could compile each test_$case.cpp into one .o and link link them into one.
> The will make compile faster, besides, take the feature test cases under ao/ for example,
> we could make the relative path starts with $test_root/ao for the ao/ cases. This
> make more sense.
> TEST_F(TestAOSnappy, Create1048576)
> {
>     hawq::test::SQLUtility util;
>     util.execSQLFile("ao/sql/ao_crtb_with_row_snappy_1048576.sql",
>                      "ao/ans/ao_crtb_with_row_snappy_1048576.ans",
>                      initFile);
> }
> Any idea?

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