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From "Alastair \"Bell\" Turner" <min...@decodable.me>
Subject Re: Passwordless SSH requirement presents a major usability inconvenience
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2016 16:28:03 GMT
On 2016-11-04 22:52, Roman Shaposhnik wrote:
> Sure. It is software -- anything's possible. What I'm talking about is
> first time experience of users. I got tripped up this week. And then
> when I asked around -- turns out a lot of folks get tripped up and
> they just don't fight it anymore since it feels like it is "a feature 
> not
> a bug".

Unfortunately, yes. Many people, including a fair number of capable 
sysads, regard setting up ssh trusts as a known problem area which they 
don't want to touch.

> Well, that somebody is the community. That's the only way it can work 
> in Apache.

To get that debate started... Could this piece of the setup task be 
automated, abstracted or made more reliable by Ambari?

Failing that - it probably doesn't have to be a big-bang change to 
eliminate the direct use of ssh completely. For the first time or 
experimental user the two tasks that have an impact are: copying the 
binaries and hawq init. Other processes like installing/upgrading PLs 
could remain more complex.

Also - what does this mean for dependencies? Does BigTop have an answer 
to this sort of requirement, would that be complementary or mutually 
exclusive to Ambari's features in this area, how important is continued 
support for the command-line installation and non-Ambari distributions, 



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