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From Michael Pearce <Michael.Pea...@ig.com>
Subject Re: Questions for HAWQ dev community: Pluggable storage formats and files systems vs. PXF
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 14:43:30 GMT
I think that before we discuss the off-shooting of PXF, that needs to be the case, and also
a period of adoption to move as some companies may have custom PXF plugins working with HAWQ.

On 05/12/2017, 14:10, "chang.lei.cn@gmail.com" <chang.lei.cn@gmail.com> wrote:

    		Mike,  the new framework will include all the plugins for external data. 
    On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM +0800, "Michael Pearce" <Michael.Pearce@ig.com> wrote:
    I would disagree. The Jira / feature doesn’t cater for integration with other Hadoop
components or other sources such as HBase etc, it simply seems to cover storage of internal
    As such I wouldn’t like to see a component maintained in apache for Apache Hawq, moved
out of Apache ownership and governance.
    It should remain whilst still core to HAWQ in this ASF project.
    On 05/12/2017, 01:19, "Lei Chang"  wrote:
        Great to see Greenplum is using PXF. I think PXF is a very good fit for
        Greenplum's current architecture.
        To avoid duplicate maintenance cost, my suggestion is to only maintain PXF
        code in one place: Greenplum.
        From HAWQ side, it can be deprecated in a future release after the new
        framework is ready.
        On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 3:02 AM, Ed Espino  wrote:
        > To the HAWQ dev community,
        > I wanted to raise up an issue for discussion regarding JIRA HAWQ-786
        > . This is a proposal for a
        > new component/functionality (Framework to support pluggable formats and
        > file systems) that appears to replace that currently provided by the PXF
        > component.
        > PXF was recently re-used in another open source project: Greenplum-DB (
        > https://github.com/greenplum-db/gpdb/tree/5X_STABLE/gpAux/extensions/pxf )
        > and depends on the server-side components that exist today in HAWQ’s source
        > tree.
        > The question I have for the community is: with the possibility of PXF being
        > replaced by a new component in a future release of HAWQ, what should become
        > of the PXF code? Older releases of HAWQ (2.3.0 >) will continue to use it
        > but there is an outside project now depending on it.
        > Does the HAWQ community want to maintain the PXF code in the HAWQ project
        > or if not here, where? If the GPDB community forked PXF from HAWQ would
        > that be ok?
        > Regards,
        > Ed Espino
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