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From Dennis Kubes <ku...@apache.org>
Subject Re: gigabit or fast ethernet?
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 18:42:01 GMT
We use gigabit switches for Nutch/Hadoop and if you have the option go 
for gigabit.  With 100Mbps switches we see traffic per box top at 
10-15Mbps.  With Gigabit switches it tops at 50-70Mbps which is being 
limited by the read speed of the SATA disks.  Internally traffic has 
topped 100Mpbs transfer on large hadoop jobs, especially during map 
transfer.  Externally (fetching) we have maxed at 35-40Mbps.  I don't 
know if you would see the same type of traffic for hbase, but 
considering gigabit switches are in the $200-300 US range now I would go 
with gigabit.


Billy wrote:
> I have used hbase quite a bit but never reached a traffic level above 
> 100mbps.
> Just seeing if anyone out there has used a gigabit switch and ever seen a 
> speed from hbase top 100mbps for any period of time?
> Billy

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