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From Michaela Buergle <Michaela.Buer...@neofonie.de>
Subject Orphaned regions
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 13:29:41 GMT
I'm currently struggling with the PerformanceEvaluation MR job given as
an example on http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/Hbase/MapReduce. I'm getting
the problems already described a few months ago on hadoop-core-user
("HBase PerformanceEvaluation failing", 15. Nov 07: job exits with
java.io.Exception - maybe a memory issue in my case - afterwards hadoop
fsck says CORRUPT)

The first time this happened, I couldn't start hbase afterwards; there
seemed to be a problem with the -ROOT- table. In the end the only way I
could get things going again was deleting all of my data and starting
from scratch. Unfortunately I've chucked away the logfiles in order to
have a clean reproduction of the problem on my newly reformatted hadoop
system - as you might have guessed, while PerformanceEvaluation keeps
exiting, HBase hasn't quit service since.

And now there is a new phenomenon:
-> I did "drop table TestTable;" in the HQL-Shell (TestTable is the
table created by PerformanceEvaluation)
-> The shell said "1 table(s) dropped successfully"
-> But now I have 2 orphaned TestTable regions on one of my
RegionServers that won't go away. When I try to run
PerformanceEvaluation it gives me hbase.TableExistsException, when I try
to get rid of TestTable in the shell it tells me that the table doesn't
Any hints on how to deal with that?


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