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From Krzysztof Szlapinski <krzysztof.szlapin...@starline.hk>
Subject Re: how to implement Entity-attribute-value_model in HBase?
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 17:21:51 GMT
yonatan maman pisze:
> Hi all suppose that I have this RDBM table
> (Entity-attribute-value_model<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity-attribute-value_model>
> ):
> col1: entityID
> col2: attributeName
> col3: value
> and I want to use HBASe due to scaling issues:
> I know that the only way to access Hbase table is using a single primary
> "row key" (cursor). You can get a cursor for a specific "row key", and
> iterate the rows one-by-one .
> The issue is, that in my case, I want to be able to iterate on all 3
> columns. (in RDBM I would do index on all three columns, so I can do a query
> on all the columns)  for example :
>    - for a given an entityID I want to get all its attriutes and values
>    - for a give attributeName and value I want to all the entitiIDS ...
> so one idea I had is to build one Hbase table that will hold the data (table
> DATA, with entityID as primary index), and 2 "index" tables one with
> attributeName as a primary key, and the other one with value
> each index table will hold a list of pointers (entityIDs) for the DATA
> table.
> Is it a reasonable approach ? or is is an 'abuse' of Hbase concepts ?
You could try PIGI indexing for HBase (http://pigi-project.org/)- it 
implements that sort of indexing you described. It creates index tables 
for you allows searching (for mulicolumns too), paging and ordering.


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