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From Jonathan Gray <jl...@streamy.com>
Subject Re: move data between 2 different clusters
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 02:23:25 GMT
Inter-cluster replication is one of the major targets of 0.21.

For now, you can either do MapReduce exports/imports of your data, or do 
hdfs-level copies manually or with distcp.


stchu wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to move hbase/hadoop data from one cluster to another?
> I have two small clusters, one is for making index tables and another for
> querying by users.
> These 2 clusters may have different hardwares but the same softwares (e.g.
> hadoop 0.19.1 and hbase 0.19.3).
> Can I sync or scp the data from the first cluster to the second one
> directly?
> If I can't do so, is there any simple way to do this?
> Any suggestion or guide would be appreciate!
> stchu

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