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From Jonathan Gray <jl...@streamy.com>
Subject Re: Schema design: change a primary key on a row?
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 20:46:35 GMT

Not sure I follow the use case 100% but I think you're on the right 
track.  There are no UPDATES or mutations of any kind in HBase, only 
INSERTS.  A delete is actually the insertion of a DELETE record.

One thing to be cautious of... There can be indeterminate behavior if 
you are manually setting the version timestamps of your cells while 
doing row/family deletes.  If you don't manually set the timestamp (you 
have stamp in the key so I'm thinking you don't), then you don't need to 
worry about it.


Kevin Peterson wrote:
> I think that it is not possible change the primary key of a row, and I need
> to copy any data I want over to a row with the new key and then delete the
> old one, but I wanted to check.
> I'm planning on creating my table storing spidered blog content building the
> primary key from the timestamp of when an article was posted and our unique
> article key. This seems the right approach because it matches our access
> pattern when processing large amounts of data. The reason I need to be able
> to change the primary key is when we get an item from multiple sources (i.e.
> maybe we picked it up from digg and directly from the RSS feed) we don't
> always favor the first one we downloaded and sometimes we see different
> dates.
> Does deleting the row and reinserting sound like the right approach?
> (If it matters, I'm playing with 0.20 RC2 right now.)

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