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From Tim Robertson <timrobertson...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Impromptu HBase survey
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 10:13:34 GMT
We don't run HBase in operational mode yet, but researching it with a
goal of moving towards there...

> To give you an idea of questions that I wonder about:
> *        Are you using a natural or synthetic key?

- synthetic.  UUID but considering an encoded uuid to shorten it.
Would like to see some KeyUtils classes in the HBase library, or some
recommendations.  I'd like an 8 char synthetic key ideally, but
haven't found a good way to do this yet (lack of time).

> *        Are you using HBase index tables or maintaining your own?

- lucene, but will use hbase index tables

> *        Do you have multiple data tables in your HBase server?

- yes, but only for convenience of keeping the 2 small tables with the big one.

> *        How many rows of data are in each HBase table?

- 200 million.  When operation, will expect to grow at 5-10%/month and
expect columns to grow at 10% or so per month also

> *        What type of data are you storing in each record?

- 30-60 fields of INT and String
- might be putting in PNGs in a new table to represent google map tiles

> *        Are you using column families to localize data or store name/value pairs?

- no

> *        Are there columns like name, address, etc., that are present in each row?

- no (http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/index.htm is our term vocabulary)

> *        Are you running HBase on your own servers or on Amazon EC2?

- in house 10 node cluster with 3 masters

> *        Are you using Hadoop to run map/reduce functions against HBase?

- progressing towards this.  Still using text file exports from a
mysql DB in Hadoop, as HBase is not in production mode yet

> *        How does your client interact with HBase?  Java API, REST, Stargate, Thrift,
other (please specify), etc.

- JavaAPI

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