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From TuxRacer69 <tuxrace...@gmail.com>
Subject newbie question: what is better? one with a lot of keys OR a lot of tables with fewer keys?
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2009 11:24:31 GMT
Hello Hbase Users,

I'm trying to decide what database schema is better, more precisely how 
to partition my data.

 Is it better to have few tables with a lot of keys
a lot of tables with fewer keys?

For instance if I want to store are articles written by user
Say we have U users (U=100000) and each user 'u' writes A_u articles (in 
average 10000 articles per user)

Is it better to create a table per user
e.g. table "articles_for_user_1"
and in that table a column family 'article'
with key based on the date of the article YYYMMDDMMss

or one large table called "articles"
whith one column family 'article'
and keys based on user ID + date: user1_YYYMMDDMMss

If I make one table per user, do I have the risk of hitting the nodes 
memory limits if the number of users grows?
If I just have one big table, will search by key be to slow?
I think this question reveals my lack of knowledge of of how Hbase 
stores the data...


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