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From Tux Racer <tuxrace...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: newbie question on disk usage on node with different disk size
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 09:55:56 GMT
Thanks Ryan for your answer.
yes I was mistaken, I also thought that the default install of hbase did 
a one node install of HDFS; and it seems that wrong:

a ps auwx|grep java

show only two java processes;


In the default hbase distribution we have in



I thought that the dependancy of hbase on HDFS was much stronger. For 
the hbase configuration point of view if the hbase.rootdir parameter the 
only parameter that hooks hbase to HDFS?
Or does zookeeper also binds hbase to HDFS?
Is it true to say that hbase does play well with HDFS but that it does 
play well with any POSIX compliant filesystem too?
For a small cluster, is that a good idea to *not* use HDFS as a storage 
for the hbase data?
If I accept to loose one hour of hbase data, is it OK to make 
hbase.rootdir point to  local (ext3) file system on the node and then 
rsync each hour that directory to another node? I guess that rsync is 
not ideal due to the file structure used (will generate a lot of network 

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Rawson wrote:
> I think you might be mistaken a bit - HBase layers on top of, and uses
> hadoop.  HBase uses HDFS for persistence, and thus the balancer config
> and the other things you point out belong in the hadoop config.
> 3 nodes is a little light for HDFS... With r=3, there is are no spares.

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