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From Tux Racer <tuxrace...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: newbie question on disk usage on node with different disk size
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 10:48:57 GMT
actually I really like this decoupling Hbase/filesystem :)
Thanks again all for your replies
Cheers, TR

Ryan Rawson wrote:
> Hey,
> When you start hbase in a fresh installation it will use local fs in
> /tmp.  The hadoop filesystem libraries we use allow the use of at
> least 3 filesystems (local, hdfs, kfs).  Right now you are seeing the
> single ZK process and the combined HBase master/regionserver process.
> HBase needs the following things out of it's filesystem:
> - global view - every single regionserver & master MUST see every file
> from everyone at all times.  1 hour rsync won't cut it.
> - high bandwidth, once you get 3+ servers doing high IO (compaction,
> etc), you wont want to rely on a 1 disk NFS.
> In theory you can use something like NFS and common mount dir on all
> regionservers/masters. This won't scale of course. It should _in
> theory_ work... You can specify the rootdir with something like
> "file:///nfs_mount_path/hbase".  Normally we'd say
> hdfs://namenode:port/hbase
> The hbase scripts don't boot up or control hadoop at all. You must
> provide a working hadoop, then hbase can use it. It may seem a little
> "annoying" to have a 2 step process, but the decoupled control makes
> our control scripts more generic and suitable for all.
> Good luck out there!
> -ryan

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