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From Edward Capriolo <edlinuxg...@gmail.com>
Subject JMX Metrics with HBASE
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 14:52:54 GMT

I am interested in pulling the HBASE metrics with JMX. I notice one quick thing.

Like hadoop-env hbase.env should have environment variables that allow
setting options per daemon.

Also I have noticed that even though I start a regionserver with JMX
enabled, the information that appears in the HBase Web Interface
is not found in JMX.

	request=0.0, regions=4, stores=7, storefiles=9, storefileIndexSize=0,
memstoreSize=0, usedHeap=36, maxHeap=997, blockCacheSize=1719352,
blockCacheFree=207563320, blockCacheCount=2, blockCacheHitRatio=83

The Zookeeper JMX is present when I start the zookeeper component, any
ideas? O can I just get this information with the hbase client?


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