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From y_823...@tsmc.com
Subject Create table with one version only
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 01:24:25 GMT

  Following code is I got used to create table with index.
  Now, I think it's no need for us to keep multiple version of data.
  How can I set my hbase table only to keep one version of data?
  Better to give me some codes that I can add to my following function.

  public void createTableWithIdx(String tablename,String
columnfamily,String idx_columnfamily,String idx_column) throws IOException
        HTableDescriptor desc = new HTableDescriptor(tablename);
        String[] temp;
            String delimiter = ",";
            temp = columnfamily.split(delimiter);
            for(int i =0; i < temp.length ; i++){
                  desc.addFamily(new HColumnDescriptor(temp[i]));
        IndexedTableDescriptor idx_desc = new IndexedTableDescriptor(desc);
        idx_desc.addIndex(new IndexSpecification(idx_column,
        IndexedTableAdmin admin = null;
        admin = new IndexedTableAdmin(config);
        System.out.println(tablename+" "+" create table and index

Fleming Chiu(邱宏明)
週一無肉日吃素救地球(Meat Free Monday Taiwan)

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