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From Jonathan Gray <jg...@facebook.com>
Subject RE: Hackathon agenda
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 18:54:10 GMT
Agreed that it's good to try to be agenda-less, but in the past we've always taken the first
couple hours to do a group discussion around some of the key topics.  Given there's a bunch
of fairly major changes/testing going on these days, I think there is a good bit of stuff
that would benefit from group discussion.  After that, we can break up into smaller groups
or individually to start hacking away.  Or for those not interested in the topics, you can
just hack from the start.

More potential topics of discussion I had in mind:

- Compaction, split, and flush policies/heuristics (HBASE-2453, HBASE-2462, HBASE-2457, HBASE-2375,
HBASE-1892, etc...)
- Define our desired behaviors related to versioning, deletes, and removal of deletes in minor/major
compactions. (HBASE-2453, HBASE-2457, HBASE-2243, etc)
- Brainstorm on doing better distributed scenario testing (HBASE-2414)
- Brainstorm on performance improvement ideas (top HDFS issues, better use of HFile seeking,
blooms, block pre-fetch, etc...)  Would be cool to have a wiki page w/ a list of these things.
- Brainstorm on new functionality / updated road map.  What priorities do the various sponsoring
companies have, what are nice to haves but not on anyones schedule yet, etc.  Again, this
can seed a new (or updated) wiki page and/or update the currently outdated road map wiki page.
- HBase PR.  We could use a new web site (maven and otherwise), a centralized blog, and also
a refresh/cleanup of documentation.  There's also agreement on shipping w/ a few different
configurations, which should be part of a new set of getting started / new user docs.  Would
like to get everyones thoughts and also come up with a schedule.
- Ideas for future HUGs

For anyone that will not be able to attend the hackathon we will post a wrap-up afterwards
with notes about all the discussions we had.  Whatever comes out of the hackathon should be
posted into the proper jiras or mailing list for full community discussion.

Also, if anyone was not able to sign up for the HUG or Hackathon (both are full now) and is
a regular contributor, please contact me directly.

Very awesome.  Gonna be a great day of HBase!


From: Andrew Purtell [apurtell@apache.org]
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:28 AM
To: hbase-dev@hadoop.apache.org
Cc: hbase-user@hadoop.apache.org
Subject: Hackathon agenda

The Hackathon is basically agenda-less, but I'd like to propose a general topic of discussion
we should cover while we are all in the room together:

- For HBASE-1964 (HBASE-2183, HBASE-2461, and related): injecting and/or mocking exceptions
thrown up from DFSClient. I think we want a toolkit for that. Could be incorporated into the
unit testing framework. Should be possible to swap out a jar or something and make it active
running on a real cluster with real load. Should be possible to inject random exceptions with
adjustable probability. So what does HDFS have already? What do we need? If we're adding something,
does it make sense to put it into HBase or contribute to HDFS? I think the latter.

Let's gather a list of other topics, if any, that hackathon participants want to see covered
so we can make sure it will happen.

   - Andy

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