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From Michał Podsiadłowski <podsiadlow...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Very long time between node failure and reasing of regions.
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 07:56:24 GMT
> Hi Michal,
> I agree that this use case should not cause the cluster to fail. By "just
> shutting down" do you mean you are running hbase-daemon.sh stop regionserver
> on 3 of the nodes? Are you doing all three at once or in quick succession?
> I'd like to try to reproduce your problem so we can get it fixed for 0.20.5.
> Thanks
> -Todd

Todd, James,
I'm in the office now so I can tell you more about our cluster: exact
version of hbase is 0.20.4-dev, r926930
hadoop underneath is 0.20.2+228 + patches from cloudera
hbase-patches-0b8ca9b5.tar.gz 22-Mar-2010 17:45   33K
as far as i can see there is already something new available.
We shutdown nodes one by one by moving from one shell to the other. We
are doing this just like you wrote but using cloudera wrapping
scripts. So in theory everything should be stable and there shouldn't
be any data loss. Practice shows ...

In your environment we are using this for L2 web cache layer with mem
based layer in each applications server. We have plans for more use
cases - storing some of users data there instead of MySql. But of
course we need to by sure about it's stability and availability which
are by now dubious for us. This implies that hbase must be available
for most of the times otherwise we can't store invalidations to data
which were changed by users requests. If hbase is not available we
still can generate page which sometimes is very expensive or if
available in mem cache layer serve it from there. Posting request can
be rejected for short time but short is not few minutes. The worst
scenario is when hbase connections hangs and threadpool gets filled up
as i wrote earlier.

In respect to what James wrote about not touching anything when
working. This is not the idea that we want to use. First of all we can
stop all request to hbase and do maintenance then because we need to
clear all the date then because invalidations were not saved to it.
Alternative is to stop whole site which is impermissible from
marketing point of view and also whole thing contradict with HA idea.
One of the base assumptions of hadoop is to utilize commodity hardware
that is likely to fail when there is more then few nodes. There is
also need for doing updates of hadoop and hbase software because it's
a bleeding edge of this technology and updates are released quite
frequently. There are also JVM updates, kernel updates etc. so system
must be resistant to loss of one of the nodes. (We already manage to
make disaster with only one node see my earlier post on group).

Todd if you need more logs drop me an email. I can provide you will
all logs from hbase and hadoop.


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