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From Sujee Maniyam <su...@sujee.net>
Subject Re: Several questions about running HBase on EC2
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 05:55:24 GMT
Nice presentation Andy!

I am experimenting with a small cluster on EC2 right now.  Here is my

1) it is a 5 node cluster (1 master + 4 slaves).  All c1.xlarge instances.

2) I initially tried m1.large, but ran into some stability issues.  So
moved to c1.xlarge.  Cluster is more stable now.
Follow the instructions here carefully :

3) I made a custom AMI from Ubuntu v9.10.  It had all the required
software.  I spin up the instances based on this AMI.
If I do it again, I'd go with Cloudera AMIs

4) I setup the cluster manually; it was manageable b/c it is a small
cluster.  If you need more machines, look at the EC2 scripts in Andy's

5) I run the whole cluster on EBS volumes.  The max limit on EBS is
1TB.  You can always string a few EBS disks as RAID-X configuration

6) EBS through-put is NOT really that impressive.  Understandably.
But good-enough

6.5) format your volumes as EXT4 or XFS file system.  Both of these
are better than EXT3.

7) turn on compression ( I use LZO).  Not only it saves space on HDFS,
it also speeds up read/writes.

8) c1.xlarge has 8G mem.  My Hbase heap is 3G.

9) I have about 600 million rows in hbase (1 TB compressed) .  I run
MR jobs on them.
I am fighting some stability problems now.  Probably because the
cluster is too small to handle the load (2000 regions / regionserver).
 Investigating and will post results here.

10) part of the experimentation is to figure out the cost of running a
cluster as well.   a C1.Xlarge costs about $500 / month - reserved
instances cost about $150 / month (1 yr term).
So be sure to factor this as well.

11) hbase comes with simple load-tester.
(HBASE/bin/hbase    org.apache.hadoop.hbase.PerformanceEvaluation)
useful to test the cluster and it's stability.

hope this helps.

hbase-map-reduce tutorial here :

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 12:40 AM, Andrew Purtell <apurtell@apache.org> wrote:
> More info:
>  http://hbase.s3.amazonaws.com/hbase/HBase-EC2-HUG9.odp
>  http://hbase.s3.amazonaws.com/hbase/HBase-EC2-HUG9.pdf
>  - Andy

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