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From Jamie Cockrill <jamie.cockr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Secondary indexes in 0.89
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 17:25:46 GMT

Apologies no, I've been rather sidelined by another issue at the
moment. It's always the same, you get to playing with something
interesting and you get pulled off to fight fires somewhere else. Once
I get back on the case I'll have a look, however it someone did
previously mention another library built  by the guys building Lily
that seems to aim to achieve the same goal. Reposted again here:


I've not had time to look at it in detail, but it might be a good
starting point to get something up and going quickly if that's what
you're after.



On 23 July 2010 16:58, Luke Forehand
<luke.forehand@networkedinsights.com> wrote:
> Jamie Cockrill <jamie.cockrill@...> writes:
>> Hi Todd,
>> Thanks for that, I'm a bit new to HBase at the minute, so I might
>> refrain from making any changes just yet, however, if I get some spare
>> time I may compare 0.20 and 0.89 and see what the functional
>> differences are. Ignoring the tests, the bulk of the issues appear to
>> be changed method/constructor signatures and the absence of
>> HLogSplitter. Also, the POM doesn't have hadoop or zookeeper as
>> dependencies, yet depends on their classes.
>> Thanks for the pointers. I'm only trialing HBase at the moment, so in
>> the short-term I guess down-grading is the only option! However, if we
>> do decide to go with HBase, I'll definitely look into seeing if it's
>> possible to make the required changes.
>> Jamie
>> PS, i'm working against hadoop 0.20.2 at the moment.
>> On 7 July 2010 09:23, Todd Lipcon <todd@...> wrote:
>> > Hey Jamie,
>> >
>> > Since the secondary indexing package isn't part of HBase core, its progress
>> > may fall behind the core releases, depending on the activity of the
>> > maintainers. Because of that, we recently moved contrib packages like
>> > secondary indexing out of the HBase release onto github. The transactional
>> > indexed hbase package can be found here:
>> >
>> > http://github.com/hbase-trx/hbase-transactional-tableindexed
>> >
>> > <http://github.com/hbase-trx/hbase-transactional-tableindexed>Unfortunately,
>> > it hasn't yet been updated to work with 0.89/trunk. Since it's on github,
>> > you should definitely feel free to pick it up, or file an issue for the
>> > maintainers. If you do decide to pick up the contrib and update it to
>> > compile against trunk, feel free to ask on-list if you need any help
>> > understanding where things may have changed.
>> >
>> > --
>> > Todd Lipcon
>> > Software Engineer, Cloudera
>> >
> Jamie / Todd,
> I'm attempting to do this exact same thing.  Jamie, I've encountered your issues
> this morning.  I have one compilation error left to fix and it's related to the
> HLogSplitter class missing.  I also avoided refactoring the unit tests.  I'm
> currently tracking down the necessary code for HLogSplitter and refactoring...
> Have you made further progress since this post?  fyi - I have no idea how well
> this refactor will actually work with hbase 0.89 but am crossing my fingers.
> Luke Forehand
> Networked Insights
> http://www.networkedinsights.com

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