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From Luke Forehand <luke.foreh...@networkedinsights.com>
Subject Re: Secondary indexes in 0.89
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 15:58:40 GMT
Jamie Cockrill <jamie.cockrill@...> writes:

> Hi Todd,
> Thanks for that, I'm a bit new to HBase at the minute, so I might
> refrain from making any changes just yet, however, if I get some spare
> time I may compare 0.20 and 0.89 and see what the functional
> differences are. Ignoring the tests, the bulk of the issues appear to
> be changed method/constructor signatures and the absence of
> HLogSplitter. Also, the POM doesn't have hadoop or zookeeper as
> dependencies, yet depends on their classes.
> Thanks for the pointers. I'm only trialing HBase at the moment, so in
> the short-term I guess down-grading is the only option! However, if we
> do decide to go with HBase, I'll definitely look into seeing if it's
> possible to make the required changes.
> Jamie
> PS, i'm working against hadoop 0.20.2 at the moment.
> On 7 July 2010 09:23, Todd Lipcon <todd@...> wrote:
> > Hey Jamie,
> >
> > Since the secondary indexing package isn't part of HBase core, its progress
> > may fall behind the core releases, depending on the activity of the
> > maintainers. Because of that, we recently moved contrib packages like
> > secondary indexing out of the HBase release onto github. The transactional
> > indexed hbase package can be found here:
> >
> > http://github.com/hbase-trx/hbase-transactional-tableindexed
> >
> > <http://github.com/hbase-trx/hbase-transactional-tableindexed>Unfortunately,
> > it hasn't yet been updated to work with 0.89/trunk. Since it's on github,
> > you should definitely feel free to pick it up, or file an issue for the
> > maintainers. If you do decide to pick up the contrib and update it to
> > compile against trunk, feel free to ask on-list if you need any help
> > understanding where things may have changed.
> >
> > --
> > Todd Lipcon
> > Software Engineer, Cloudera
> >

Jamie / Todd,

I'm attempting to do this exact same thing.  Jamie, I've encountered your issues
this morning.  I have one compilation error left to fix and it's related to the
HLogSplitter class missing.  I also avoided refactoring the unit tests.  I'm
currently tracking down the necessary code for HLogSplitter and refactoring... 
Have you made further progress since this post?  fyi - I have no idea how well
this refactor will actually work with hbase 0.89 but am crossing my fingers.

Luke Forehand
Networked Insights

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