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From H├ęctor Izquierdo Seliva <izquie...@strands.com>
Subject Re: Thousands of tablesq
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 10:14:45 GMT
> If you expect that some contiguous rows would be really overused, then
> change the row key. UUIDs for example would spread them all over the
> regions.
> In 0.20 you can do a close_region in the shell, that will move the
> region to the first region servers that checks. In 0.90 we are working
> on better load balancing, more properly tuned to region traffic.

I'm on 0.89. Is any of this work in there? I can not use UUIDs, as I
need to address rows by key, but I could add a hash of the key to the
begining so keys are more evenly distributed. This is of course in case
of going to a single table.

I filled a 3 node cluster with data (around 6 GB), and the read
performance was very bad (lots of LRU flushes and misses). I'll test
this approach and see if it works better. 

Thank you very much!

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