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From Bradford Stephens <bradfordsteph...@gmail.com>
Subject JSONP and Stargate
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 04:38:42 GMT
Hey homies,

I'm trying to write some JavaScript (which I know little about) to
pull data out of HBase via Stargate via jQuery. To get around the
"Single Origin Policy", I'm trying to do gets by using JSONP, which
embeds/retrieves requests in <script> tags. This seems to be a
relatively common way to get around the issue...I think.

Does Stargate have support for something like that, or should I patch it in?

My JS-fu is weak, so if I'm missing something big, let me know.

Bradford Stephens,
Founder, Drawn to Scale

http://www.drawntoscalehq.com --  The intuitive, cloud-scale data
solution. Process, store, query, search, and serve all your data.

http://www.roadtofailure.com -- The Fringes of Scalability, Social
Media, and Computer Science

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