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From Bui Ngoc Son <gemmountain...@gmail.com>
Subject Select first n columns of a column family
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 11:25:18 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am going to implement a facebook-like comments system (with main 
comments and their sub-comments), using HBase 0.90. I designed the 
storage of comments as follow:

- Row key is composite row key. Each row key is a composition of user id 
and timestamp (in reverse order). With this row key, i can easily get 
top n newest main comments of a specific user.

- Each row has two column family: "data" and "sub_comment"
+ The "data" family stores information of main comment, such as comment 
content, user id of poster, time of post...
+ The "sub_comment" family, as its name, store all the sub comments. The 
number of columns in this family equal the number of sub-comments, and 
column names follow this format: "sub-comment:timestamp" (timestamp in 
reverse order), and its value is the content of sub-comment.

So, my question is, is there any way to get the first n columns (ordered 
by timestamp) of the "sub_comment" family? I searched arround google and 
this mailing list, but cannot find this information.
I know that i can use different versions of a column to solve this 
problem, but for some reasons, i do not want to use multiple versions of 
a column.

Thanks in advance

Eddie Bui,

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