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From John Buchanan <John.Bucha...@infinitecampus.com>
Subject Re: Master Node question HDFS
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 15:17:49 GMT

Another question, has anyone virtualized the master/namenode on a
multi-node VM pool/cluster (say a multi-node Xen pool), thereby raising
reliability of that node above single server hardware reliability?

On 2/16/11 9:12 AM, "Joseph Coleman" <joe.coleman@infinitecampus.com>

>I know I cannot have more than one master node for HDFS but what if I was
>to create two of them and put a Kemps Loadbalance in front of them and
>point to my load balancer for my stuff would something like that work? If
>not what are others doing to safe guard themselves incase their master
>node kicks the bucket a standby ready to go maybe?

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