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From Mike <mi...@yesmail.com>
Subject Stargate
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 18:22:27 GMT
I'm having some issues converting the results of a restful call through
stargate.  I'm returning the data as a json representation which appears to work
fine as it returns the desired fields:

JsonRepresentation jr = new

When I parse through the Json I can break down the values and print them out:

time: 1298398387275, Value: MTEzMzQz, Column: ZGF0YTpjaWQ=
time: 1298398387275, Value:
Column: ZGF0YTpkZXRhaWxz
time: 1298398387275, Value: ZWFydGhsaW5rLm5ldA==, Column: ZGF0YTpkb21haW4=
time: 1298398387275, Value: MTMwNjA2Mg==, Column: ZGF0YTptaWQ=

But I cannot seem to convert the values to a string.  I've tried using the
Bytes.toString and recieve the following Error:

xception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

Any help is appreciated.

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