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From "Cavus,M.,Fa. Post Direkt" <M.Ca...@postdirekt.de>
Subject Re: Job is faster with not cluster than 4 cluster
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 09:57:44 GMT
I don't have problems on maptasks. I've problems by reducetasks. If I
my job the maptasks are very fast, but the reduce jobs are very very
very slow. Reduce jobs are importing my datas.

Here are what am I see on my Web Interface:

Region Servers
Address Start Code Load 
slave1.local:60030 1298907779615 requests=0, regions=16, usedHeap=240,
slave2.local:60030 1298907780330 requests=0, regions=16, usedHeap=307,
slave3.local:60030 1298907778882 requests=0, regions=15, usedHeap=246,
slave4.local:60030 1298907780059 requests=0, regions=16, usedHeap=413,
Total:  servers: 4   requests=0, regions=63

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 6:00 AM, Cavus,M.,Fa. Post Direkt
<M.Cavus@...> wrote:
> I've a simple job. It imports 2 GB of data in 4 minutes to hbase with
> hadoop and not cluster.
> If I configure full distributed mode, it imports 2 GB of data in 40
> minutes to my 4 clusters.

So, running a mapreduce job when all is in standalone mode runs in 4
minutes but distributed its 40 minutes?  That sounds a bit odd.  Can
you tell what is going on for 40 minutes?  How many maptasks?  How
many hbase regions?  Is it actually doing anything during this time?


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