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From Matthew Ward <m...@imageshack.net>
Subject Pagination through families / columns?
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 20:49:16 GMT
Hey Guys, 

Not sure if this functionality is available or not, if its not consider this a feature request

The main summary is that rows can contain massive amounts of data, so we can narrow
selection by family. However, if the family is large enough is there a way to grab parts of

the family using and offset and a limit? To compound it further, what if the column names
are dynamic.


table 'foo'
  family 'bar'
    column '1111'
    column '1112'
    column '1113'
   column '9999'

The request I would like to make is 

'get', 'foo', 'somerowid' , 'bar:', {LIMIT => 10}

After discovering column name and cursing through

'get', 'foo', 'somerowid' , 'bar:', {LIMIT => 10, OFFSET => '1121'} 
or maybe 'get', 'foo', 'somerowid' , 'bar:1121', {LIMIT => 10}

Other thoughts would be if its reversible or not {ORDER => -1}, but more importantly 
available to the thrift client.

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