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From Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Declaring custom secondary sort in map reduce using initTableMapReduceUtil
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 18:57:15 GMT
On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 10:40 AM, Alt Control <altcontrolblog@gmail.com> wrote:
> Problem is, the example uses JobConf class, while I use
> initTableMapReduceUtil to configure the job.
> I don't really understand the relationship between JobConf, Configuration
> and initTableMapReduceUtil, so can anyone
> please explain how I can implement the equivalent of the following JobConf
> calls?

There are two 'mapreduce' packages, 'org.apache.hadoop.mapred' and
'org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce'.  The latter has newer APIs.  HBase
favors the latter in that most of our new functionality is done inside
the 'mapreduce' package using hadoop 'mapreduce' newer apis (but our
old stuff should work too).

Looking at your link above, it looks like Josh is writing against
'org.apache.hadoop.mapred' and so I guess you are struggling with the
difference in mapreduce apis; i.e. you are asking a question similar
to this one: http://hadoop-common.472056.n3.nabble.com/hadoop-mapreduce-and-hadoop-mapred-td40819.html

Can you study the examples in the hbase mapreduce package and figure
the mapping from 'mapred' to 'mapreduce', and of JobConf to Job and
Configuration (perhaps googling on the difference you'll turn up some
helpful discussion from the mapreduce lists?).


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