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From Jacob R Rideout <apa...@jacobrideout.net>
Subject Re: Monitoring
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 19:53:49 GMT
> IMO, an answer that was just "Fixed in CDH, followups off-list" would
> be deserving of a yellow card.
> IMO, if the answer was 'No but it is fixed in CDH...', that might be
> sufficient (You've answered the question first and then diverted the
> user).  If the 'No' and the '.. it is fixed...' clauses were further
> separated by say a slap for asking such a silly question on the list
> when the issue holds the answer or by adding some news on the state
> HDFS-xxx perhaps not yet in the issue, that'd make the mention of the
> commercial go down the easier.

On the IETF lists the convention is to distinguish between the cases
explicitly through meta-data in rather than assume the reader can
distinguish the authors intent or the organization basis/bias for
their statement. Example:

As an Apache Contributor:
  HDFS-xxx is available in trunk and should address your issue.

As an employee of a commercial vendor:
  Commercial product X includes patch HDFS-xxx. Please contact me
off-list if you want to learn more.

- Jacob Rideout

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