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From "Yaron Y. goland" <ya...@goland.org>
Subject Questions about http://hbase.apache.org/cygwin.html
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 03:04:07 GMT
I was able to successfully install and run HBase on Windows using Cygwin 
following http://hbase.apache.org/cygwin.html but I ran into a couple of 
things and was wondering if I was confused or if perhaps there's an 
issue with the doc.

Installation - Java - The doc explicitly calls out for JDK 6 but I 
installed JDK 7 and it seems 'fine'. I know, I know, famous last words. 
Did I err or is the doc being too specific?

Installation - SSH - In step 4.4 it says install zlib but didn't say 
which one to choose, there are several listed. I picked the first one 
and that seemed to work out fine. Did I pick right? It would be great if 
the doc provided some guidance here.
     In the Configuration - SSH section later in the doc there is a note 
that editing with VI would be nice. Which I agree but it would have been 
an even nicer suggestion in the top ssh section since the user is anyway 
having to choose packages to install and so could install VI, emacs, 
Nano, whatever.

Configuration - Java - I couldn't get the listed LN command to work. To 
get it to work I have to change the last part to read "/usr/local" and 
not "/usr/local/<jre name>" as listed. Is the doc wrong or am I just 

Configuration - SSH - I believe one can skip step 3 (editing 
/etc/hosts.allow) since the listed settings are already in the 
hosts.allow file I got.
     Step 6 - I had to use mkgroup -lc > /etc/group instead of what is 
listed, otherwise I got complaints later on that that my group was 
'mkgroup'. Is the doc in error or is there something horked in my 

Configuration - Hbase - Step 2 - By default there doesn't appear to be 
an hbase-default.xml file installed in ./conf. One has to copy it from 
./src/main/resources into ./conf. Then edit it. Note that there is 
another copy available in docs but its formatting seems horked.
     Also when I tried to use the version of hbase-default.xml I ran 
into the version checking exception. To fix this I had to set 
hbase.defaults.for.version to '0.90.4' (the version of hbase I'm using). 
That got rid of the exception. It would have been nice if the doc called 
this out.

So did I err or are there minor bugs in the doc?

In any case after a few hours it did work and I now have Hbase up and 
running on my Windows 7 x64 box.



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