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From Ben West <bwsithspaw...@yahoo.com>
Subject HBase 0.92rc3 rest performance
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 19:25:30 GMT
Hi all

We're trying out .92rc3 instead of .90.4, and for the most part everything seems fine. But
we have a simple test of REST performance which is basically a large number of cURL jobs getting
random rows, and this test is running *a lot* slower under .92.

When we run just a single client doing REST GETs, the performance is fine. But once I have
dozens or hundreds of clients, performance is ~20x worse than under .90.4 (response time is
7-800ms instead of 40-50ms).

YCSB has pretty much the same performance under both versions, as do other internal tools
measuring Thrift and native performance, so I don't feel like this is a problem with HBase
coresetup (although it could be). I don't see anything suspicious in any logs, IO and CPU
utilization are both low. Has anyone run into this or have thoughts on how to troubleshoot?


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