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From Yves Langisch <y...@langisch.ch>
Subject Interpret metrics
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2012 20:29:27 GMT

I have some performance issues and I try to interpret the HBase metrics I collect trough ganglia.
I've noticed that the metric 'dfs.datanode.writeBlockOp_avg_time' is pretty high sometimes
(~3'500'000) before dropping near to zero again. How do I have to interpret that characteristic?

Another question I have is about the 'hbase.regionserver.memstoreSizeMB' metric. My memstore
size is growing constantly over a period of an hour up to 1GB. After that it drops down to
900MB and grows again up to 1GB and so on...I thought the memstore is completely flushed once
it reaches its maximum size (just like here http://outerthought.org/blog/465-ot.html)? Why
do I see a different behavior?

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