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From Carsten Schnober <schno...@ids-mannheim.de>
Subject Access remote HBase server with different user names
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:54:42 GMT
Dear list,
I've set up a HBase server on a dedicated machine. Now, I would like to
be able to access it from a client machine in a typical client mode,
i.e. not running a Hadoop node on it, but only sending requests to the

The server machine is called server1, up and running, and reachable from
the outside, passwordless SSH access _generally_ working. The problem is
that I'm using different user names on the client machine
(carsten@ThinkPad-T410) and on the server (schnober@server1).
Passwordless SSH does work, but how can I configure the username to use?
I have tried to use the User parameter in the ssh_config file so that it
maps to the username applicable on the server, but that leads to error
messages such as the following:

carsten@carsten-ThinkPad-T410:~/hbase-0.94.2$ bin/start-hbase.sh
server1: bash: line 0: cd: /home/carsten/hbase-0.94.2/bin/..: File or
directory not found
server1: bash: /home/carsten/hbase-0.94.2/bin/hbase-daemon.sh: File or
directory not found

When I don't configure SSH to map the username, I'm being prompted for
the password for carsten@server1 when I start hbase on the client.
However, the user 'carsten' doesn't exist on the server machine.

Of course, I could just change usernames on the client or on the server,
but that does not seem to be a solution because I would like to give
database access to different users in production mode. Is there any way
to do so?

Actually, I also wonder whether it is really necessary to run a master
on the local machine or whether there is a way to directly access the
master on the server machine through the HBase shell (or directly
through Java).

The configuration file hbase-site.xml is the following:


Thank you very much!

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