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From John Foxinhead <john.foxinh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Re: While starting 3-nodes cluster hbase: WARN org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn: Session 0x0 for server null
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 12:54:02 GMT
I solved the last problem:
I modified the file /etc/hostname and i replaced the default hostname,
"debian01" with "namenode", "jobtracker", or " datanode", the hostnames i
used in hbase conf files. Now i start hbase fro master with
"bin/start-hbase.sh" and regionservers, instead of trying to connect with
master at localhost:60000, connect with namenode:60000.
Now all is working good. Thank you all. Later I will post my configuration
files and make a summary of the problems I encountered, so that other users
can take advantage from those.

2013/4/30 John Foxinhead <john.foxinhead@gmail.com>

> I solved my problem with zookeeper. I don't know how, maybe it was a spell
> xD
> I made this way: on a slave i removed the directory of hbase, and i copied
> the diectory of hbase-pseudo-distribuited (which works). Then i copied all
> the configurations from the virtual machines which runned as master in the
> new directory, making it distribuited. Then i cloned the virtual machine 2
> times, i made some configuration in and in /etc/network/interfaces file to
> set the proper IP on the VMs, and then zookeeper magically worked. All the
> configuration were the same. Maybe i made some wrong configuration in some
> OS file, or there was some rubbish left by the hundreds of tries i made on
> the master. Then, changing the VMs working as master solved my problem.
> Now:
> - I start HDFS with "$ ~/hadoop-1.0.4/bin/start-dfs.sh"
> - i try some command from hadoop shell to ensure it works (I found out
> that the directory on local fs that datanodes and namenode use as
> storage-space for HDFS' files' blocks need to has permission 755,
> otherwise, even if permission are larger, when you put a file in HDFS, the
> file in HDFS is created, bit it's content isn't tranferred so when you get
> the file you find out that the file is empty)
> - i start zookeeper on my 3 VMs with "$ ~/hbase-0.94.5/bin/hbase-daemon.sh
> start zookeeper" and i wait 2-3 minutes to be sure zookeeper completely
> started. Then i check in logs for some errors or warning, and i use "$
> ~/hbase-0.94.5/bin/hbase zkcli" with some "ls" to ensure the client connect
> on zookeeper on the right node and port (2181). Related to zookeeper i
> found out that with HBASE_MANAGE_ZK=true in hbase-env.sh file, there was an
> error because zookeeper does't have time to set up properly before hbase
> master is launched. So, with a lot of VMs (i use 3, and they are a lot)
> it's better set HBASE_MANAGE_ZK=false and start it manually on the nodes so
> that you can wait until zookeeper is set up, before launch master.
> - All works properly until now so i start hbase with "$
> ~/hbase-0.94.5/bin/start-hbase.sh. Now the output shows that master launch
> also regionservers on regionservers' nodes (good, because before it showed
> only that the master was launched on localhost, but nothing about
> regionserver). When i see the logs file on both master and regionserver's
> logs directory it shows that hbase daemons connect  properly on the
> zookeeper cluster reported in zookeeper.property.quorum (or something
> similar) property in hbase-site.xml and the port also is right (2181, the
> same used by the tool zkcli).
> Now the problem is that master starts on localhost:60000, not at
> namenode:60000, so on master node it's ok, but when regionserver try to
> connect to master at localhost:60000 they don't find (naturally) nothing at
> it's launched MasterNotRunningException, so that regionserver, after
> connecting to zookeeper, crash because of that.
> I found out in logs file on regionserver that they connect to zookeeper
> cluster and then they crash because they don't find a running master on
> localhost:60000, so it's right. But the strange thing is that in conf files
> i never used "localhost". I also tried so set the property hbase.master at
> namenode:60000, but this property isn't used from years, so it doesn't work
> anymore. What can i do?

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