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From Stanislav Barton <stanislav.bar...@internetmemory.net>
Subject Re: Bulk loading HFiles via LoadIncrementalHFiles fails at a region that is being compacted, a bug?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 09:05:31 GMT
Hello Michael,

looking in the code, it seems to me that the 60s is hardcoded, however
it retries for, on default, 10 times, so in total 10 minutes wait
time, I upped that to 20 times, so now it is 20 minutes for me, but
still, we have some pretty big regions whose compaction (which was the
case in particular) can take more than 40 minutes. I have split the
big regions to alleviate this, so getting a thread dump now will be
difficult (this is in production so no problems is the point). Anyway,
looking on the code, for me its hard to figure out which actions will
block the lock from succeeding on the region at the place I indicated,
so was hoping for an answer from an expert. If the compaction blocks
the lock, it might be that at unit testing the compactions are faster
than 10 minutes so the problem never exhibits. Is this the case?


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