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From Michael Segel <michael_se...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Still not sure who to blame: Hbase, zookeeper, security?
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 21:17:00 GMT
If that's the case... why not set up DNS? 

Assuming that you're on your own metal, you should be using DNS to manage your floor. 
(If not you, then your IS guys? )

If so, then they probably have DNS set up for the machines. You just need to get them to update
the zones to include CNAMEs that you use in your resolver files. 

Or the FQDN that you already have.

On Sep 28, 2013, at 1:57 AM, Michael Webster <michael.webster@bronto.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Have you taken a look at:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14451554/hbase-org-apache-hadoop-hbase-pleaseholdexception
> this may simply be a hosts file issue.  I have seen many issues with
> start
> up come down to assigning a hostname to the wrong ip. So if you could paste
> your hosts file that would be helpful.
> If the suggested solution in that thread doesn't work, there are some
> questions:
> 1. What does your setup look like, are you running HBase in standalone mode
> or is it distributed?
> 2. Is the HBase master web UI accessible, the default port is 60010, if the
> page is up what do you see?
> 3. Have you enabled any security settings for zookeeper or is this a stock
> installation? (based on the logs you pasted you are able to create
> connections and communicate with zookeeper so it might not be security
> related)
> Also, can you post logs from the master from during start up, preferably
> without the zookeeper debug logging.  I've found the zookeeper logs to be
> quite chatty.  Logs will make it a lot clearer where the master is getting
> hung up.
> - Michael
> On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Jay Vyas <jayunit100@gmail.com> wrote:
>> 94.7
>> On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Vladimir Rodionov
>> <vrodionov@carrieriq.com>wrote:
>>> Version?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Vladimir Rodionov
>>> Principal Platform Engineer
>>> Carrier IQ, www.carrieriq.com
>>> e-mail: vrodionov@carrieriq.com
>>> ________________________________________
>>> From: Jay Vyas [jayunit100@gmail.com]
>>> Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 11:14 AM
>>> To: user@hbase.apache.org
>>> Subject: Still not sure who to blame: Hbase, zookeeper, security?
>>> A few days ago I pasted logs from my cluster which wont let me create a
>>> table:
>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18993200/hbase-cant-create-table-who-to-blame-hmaster-or-zookeeper
>>> Even though hmaster is running according to JPS, I get a  please hold
>>> exception.
>>> Hate to bump, but I think it would be good to have an answer on
>>> stackoverflow, or at least some comments.  Im sure others have or will
>> run
>>> into this error someday.
>>> In any case, once its working, I'll paste an answer.
>>> At the moment Im still wondering, how do we debug the master is
>>> initializing, PleaseWaitException?
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>>> Jay Vyas
>>> http://jayunit100.blogspot.com
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