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From Ji ZHANG <zhangj...@gmail.com>
Subject What's the Common Way to Execute an HBase Job?
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 06:18:41 GMT

I'm using the HBase Client API to connect to a remote cluster and do
some operations. This project will certainly require hbase and
hadoop-core jars. And my question is whether I should use 'java'
command and handle all the dependencies (using maven shaded plugin, or
set the classpath environment), or there's a magic utility command to
handle all these for me?

Take map-redcue job for an instance. Typically the main class will
extend Configured and implement Tool. The job will be executed by
'hadoop jar' command and all environment and hadoop-core dependency
are at hand. This approach also handles the common command line
parsing for me, and I can easily get an instance of Configuration by

I'm wondering whether HBase provides the same utiliy command?


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