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From Shengjun Xin <s...@gopivotal.com>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.98.2 is now available for download
Date Wed, 14 May 2014 13:19:52 GMT
Great !

On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Andrew Purtell <apurtell@apache.org>wrote:

> Apache HBase 0.98.2 is now available for download.  Get it at your nearest
> Apache mirror [1] or Maven repository.
> The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes [2]
> or following this announcement.
> Thanks to all who contributed to this release.
> Best,
> The HBase Dev Team
> 1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
> 2. http://s.apache.org/ju
> ​HBASE-10118 Major compact keeps deletes with future timestamps
> HBASE-10251 Restore API Compat for PerformanceEvaluation.generateValue()
> HBASE-10312 Flooding the cluster with administrative actions leads to
> collapse
> HBASE-10533 commands.rb is giving wrong error messages on exceptions
> HBASE-10611 Description for hbase:acl table is wrong on
> master-status#catalogTables
> HBASE-10705 CompactionRequest#toString() may throw NullPointerException
> HBASE-10823 Resolve LATEST_TIMESTAMP to current server time before scanning
> for ACLs
> HBASE-10830 Integration test MR jobs attempt to load htrace jars from the
> wrong location
> HBASE-10845 Memstore snapshot size isn't updated in
> DefaultMemStore#rollback()
> HBASE-10848 Filter SingleColumnValueFilter combined with NullComparator
> does not work
> HBASE-10850 essential column family optimization is broken
> HBASE-10854 [VisibilityController] Apply MAX_VERSIONS from schema or
> request when scanning
> HBASE-10860 Insufficient AccessController covering permission check
> HBASE-10879 user_permission shell command on namespace doesn't work
> HBASE-10883 Restrict the universe of labels and authorizations
> HBASE-10884 [REST] Do not disable block caching when scanning
> HBASE-10890 ExportSnapshot needs to add acquired token to job
> HBASE-10892 [Shell] Add support for globs in user_permission
> HBASE-10895 unassign a region fails due to the hosting region server is in
> FailedServerList
> HBASE-10899 [AccessController] Apply MAX_VERSIONS from schema or request
> when scanning
> HBASE-10902 Make Secure Bulk Load work across remote secure clusters
> HBASE-10903 HBASE-10740 regression; cannot pass commands for zk to run
> HBASE-10906 Change error log for NamingException in TableInputFormatBase to
> WARN level
> HBASE-10912 setUp / tearDown in TestSCVFWithMiniCluster should be done once
> per run
> HBASE-10916 [VisibilityController] Stackable ScanLabelGenerators
> HBASE-10918 [VisibilityController] System table backed ScanLabelGenerator
> HBASE-10949 Reversed scan could hang
> HBASE-10950 Add  a configuration point for MaxVersion of Column Family
> HBASE-10951 Use PBKDF2 to generate test encryption keys in the shell
> HBASE-10952 [REST] Let the user turn off block caching if desired
> HBASE-10958 [dataloss] Bulk loading with seqids can prevent some log
> entries from being replayed
> HBASE-10963 Refactor cell ACL tests
> HBASE-10964 Delete mutation is not consistent with Put wrt timestamp
> HBASE-10966 RowCounter misinterprets column names that have colons in their
> qualifier
> HBASE-10967 CatalogTracker.waitForMeta should not wait indefinitely
> silently
> HBASE-10970 [AccessController] Issues with covering cell permission checks
> HBASE-10972 OOBE in prefix key encoding
> HBASE-10979 Fix AnnotationReadingPriorityFunction "scan" handling
> HBASE-10988 Properly wait for server in TestThriftServerCmdLine
> HBASE-11001 Shell support for granting cell permissions for testing
> HBASE-11002 Shell support for changing cell visibility for testing
> HBASE-11008 Align bulk load, flush, and compact to require Action.CREATE
> HBASE-11010 TestChangingEncoding is unnecessarily slow
> HBASE-11011 Avoid extra getFileStatus() calls on Region startup
> HBASE-11023 Port HBASE-10488 "'mvn site' is broken due to
> org.apache.jasper.JspC not found" to 0.98
> HBASE-11026 Provide option to filter out all rows in PerformanceEvaluation
> tool
> HBASE-11030 HBaseTestingUtility.getMiniHBaseCluster should be able to
> return null
> HBASE-11037 Race condition in TestZKBasedOpenCloseRegion
> HBASE-11038 Filtered scans can bypass metrics collection
> HBASE-11044 [Shell] Show groups for user in 'whoami' output
> HBASE-11049 HBase WALPlayer needs to add credentials to job to play to
> table
> HBASE-11053 Change DeleteTracker APIs to work with Cell
> HBASE-11054 Create new hook in StoreScanner to help user creating his own
> delete tracker
> HBASE-11061 Port HBASE-10948 Fix hbase table file 'x' mode to 0.96 / 0.98
> HBASE-11077 [AccessController] Restore compatible early-out access denial
> ​
> --
> Best regards,
>    - Andy
> Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back. - Piet Hein
> (via Tom White)


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