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From Jan Lukavsk√Ĺ <jan.lukav...@firma.seznam.cz>
Subject Delete.deleteColumns not working with HFileOutputFormat?
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:23:01 GMT
Hi all,

we are using HBase version 0.94.6-cdh4.3.1 and I have a suspicion that a 
Delete written to hbase through HFileOutputFormat might be ignored (and 
not delete any data) in the following scenario:
  * a Delete object is used to delete the data at the client side
  * call to "deleteColumn" instead of "deleteColumns" is used, which 
means that the underlaying KeyValue will not have an associated 
timestamp (will have HConstants.LATEST_TIMESTAMP)
  * the Delete object is then converted to KeyValues and these are 
written into the output format's record writer

I think (our systems seems to behave this way) the problem is in the way 
the KeyValue is processed in the RegionServer, even though I was not 
able to track the problem in the source code. Can anyone else confirm 
this? When using Delete#deleteColumns everything seems to be working 
fine (the KeyValues have different type). Is this expected or should it 
be considered a bug? And if so, where it should be fixed? I think it 
could be on the side of the record writer (maybe by throwing an 
exception), or in the region server (if possible, this might be 
non-trivial, because of the Delete#deleteColumn semantics).

Any opinions?


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