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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.98.7 is now available for download
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:27:41 GMT
Apache HBase 0.98.
is now available for download. Get it from an Apache mirror [1] or Maven

The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes [2]
or following this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
2. http://s.apache.org/KmZ

HBASE-8808 Use Jacoco to generate Unit Test coverage reports
HBASE-8936 Fixing TestSplitLogWorker while running Jacoco tests.
HBASE-9473 Change UI to list 'system tables' rather than 'catalog tables'.
HBASE-10153 improve VerifyReplication to compute BADROWS more accurately
HBASE-10748 hbase-daemon.sh fails to execute with 'sh' command
HBASE-11136 Add permission check to roll WAL writer
HBASE-11331 [blockcache] lazy block decompression
HBASE-11405 Multiple invocations of hbck in parallel disables balancer
HBASE-11445 TestZKProcedure#testMultiCohortWithMemberTimeoutDuringPrepare
is flaky
HBASE-11772 Bulk load mvcc and seqId issues with native hfiles
HBASE-11796 Add client support for atomic checkAndMutate
HBASE-11798 TestBucketWriterThread may hang due to WriterThread stopping
HBASE-11815 Flush and compaction could just close the tmp writer if there
is an exception
HBASE-11838 Enable PREFIX_TREE in integration tests
HBASE-11839 TestRegionRebalance is flakey
HBASE-11845 HFile tool should implement Tool, disable blockcache by default
HBASE-11847 HFile tool should be able to print block headers
HBASE-11858 Audit regionserver classes that are missing InterfaceAudience
HBASE-11877 Make TableSplit more readable
HBASE-11885 Provide a Dockerfile to easily build and run HBase from source
HBASE-11890 HBase REST Client is hard coded to http protocol
HBASE-11891 Introduce HBaseInterfaceAudience level to denote class names
that appear in configs.
HBASE-11896 LoadIncrementalHFiles fails in secure mode if the namespace is
HBASE-11898 CoprocessorHost.Environment should cache class loader instance
HBASE-11907 Use the joni byte[] regex engine in place of j.u.regex in
sometimes fails due to VisibilityController initialization not being
HBASE-11923 Potential race condition in RecoverableZookeeper.checkZk()
HBASE-11936 IsolationLevel must be attribute of a Query not a Scan
HBASE-11942 Fix TestHRegionBusyWait
HBASE-11948 graceful_stop.sh should use hbase-daemon.sh when executed on
the decomissioned node
HBASE-11963 Synchronize peer cluster replication connection attempts
HBASE-11966 Minor error in TestHRegion.testCheckAndMutate_WithCorrectValue()
HBASE-11971 [0.98] Deprecate KeyValue based APIs in WALEdit
HBASE-11972 The "doAs user" used in the update to hbase:acl table RPC is
HBASE-11982 Bootstraping hbase:meta table creates a WAL file in region dir
HBASE-11984 TestClassFinder failing on occasion
HBASE-11988 AC/VC system table create on postStartMaster fails too often in
HBASE-11989 IntegrationTestLoadAndVerify cannot be configured anymore on
distributed mode
HBASE-11994 PutCombiner floods the M/R log with repeated log messages.
HBASE-12008 Remove IntegrationTestImportTsv#testRunFromOutputCommitter
HBASE-12011 Add namespace column during display of user tables
HBASE-12013 Make region_mover.rb support multiple regionservers per host
HBASE-12019 hbase-daemon.sh overwrite HBASE_ROOT_LOGGER and
HBASE-12021 Hbase shell does not respect the HBASE_OPTS set by the user in
HBASE-12023 HRegion.applyFamilyMapToMemstore creates too many iterator
HBASE-12032 Script to stop regionservers via RPC
HBASE-12033 SecurityUtil#doAsLoginUser is absent in hadoop-1, making
AccessController#postCreateTableHandler() ineffective
HBASE-12039 Lower log level for TableNotFoundException log message when
HBASE-12043 REST server should respond with FORBIDDEN(403) code on
HBASE-12044 REST delete operation should not retry disableTable for
HBASE-12045 REST proxy users configuration in hbase-site.xml is ignored
HBASE-12052 BulkLoad Failed due to no write permission on input files
HBASE-12054 bad state after NamespaceUpgrade with reserved table names
HBASE-12055 TestBucketWriterThread hangs flakily based on timing
HBASE-12059 Create hbase-annotations module
HBASE-12062 Fix usage of Collections.toArray
HBASE-12064 hbase.master.balancer.stochastic.numRegionLoadsToRemember is
not used
HBASE-12065 Import tool is not restoring multiple DeleteFamily markers of a
HBASE-12076 Move InterfaceAudience imports to hbase-annotations
HBASE-12077 FilterLists create many ArrayList$Itr objects per row.
HBASE-12078 Missing Data when scanning using PREFIX_TREE DATA-BLOCK-ENCODING
HBASE-12087 [0.98] Changing the default setting of
hbase.security.access.early_out to true
HBASE-12090 Bytes: more Unsafe, more Faster
HBASE-12095 SecureWALCellCodec should handle the case where encryption is
HBASE-12098 User granted namespace table create permissions can't create a
HBASE-12099 TestScannerModel fails if using jackson 1.9.13
HBASE-12104 Some optimization and bugfix for HTableMultiplexer
HBASE-12106 Move test annotations to test artifact
HBASE-12110 Fix .arcconfig
HBASE-12115 Fix NumberFormat Exception in TableInputFormatBase.
HBASE-12118 Explain how to grant permission to a namespace in grant command
HBASE-12120 HBase shell doesn't allow deleting of a cell by user with
W-only permissions to it
HBASE-12123 Failed assertion in BucketCache after 11331
HBASE-12124 Closed region could stay closed if master stops at bad time
HBASE-12136 Race condition between client adding tableCF replication znode
and  server triggering TableCFsTracker
HBASE-12137 Alter table add cf doesn't do compression test
HBASE-12139 StochasticLoadBalancer doesn't work on large lightly loaded
HBASE-12144 Backport HBASE-10141 'instead of putting expired store files
thru compaction, just archive them'
HBASE-12146 RegionServerTracker should escape data in log messages
HBASE-12150 Backport replication changes from HBASE-12145
HBASE-12156 TableName cache isn't used for one of valueOf methods.
HBASE-12160 Make Surefire's argLine configurable in the command line
HBASE-12164 Check for presence of user Id in
SecureBulkLoadEndpoint#secureBulkLoadHFiles() is inaccurate
HBASE-12184 ServerShutdownHandler throws NPE
HBASE-12191 Make TestCacheOnWrite faster.
HBASE-12199 Make TestAtomicOperation and TestEncodedSeekers faster

Best regards,

   - Andy

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back. - Piet Hein
(via Tom White)

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