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From Wilm Schumacher <wilm.schumac...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Standalone == Dev Only?
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2015 20:01:15 GMT

Am 06.03.2015 um 19:18 schrieb Stack:
> Why not use an RDBMS then?

When I first read the hbase documentation I also stumbled about the
"only use for large datasets" or "standalone only in dev mode" etc. In
my point of view there are some arguments against RDBMSs and for e.g.
hbase, although we talk about a single node application.

* scalability is a future investment. Even if the dataset is small now,
it doesn't mean that it is in the future, too. Scalabilty in size and
computing power is always a good idea.

* query language: for a user hbase is more of a database library than a
"DBMS". For me this is a big plus, as it forces the user to do it the
right way. Just think of SQL-injection. Or CQL-injection for that
matter. Query languages are like scripting languages. Makes easy stuff
easier and hard stuff harder.

* fancy features: hbase has fancy features RDBMSs doesn't have. E.g.
coprocessors. I know that e.g. mysql has "triggers", but they are not
nearly as powerful as coprocessors. And don't forget that you have to
write most of the triggers in this *curse word* SQ-language if you don't
want to use evil hacks.

* schema-less: another HUGE plus is the possibility to use it without a
fixed schema. In SQL you would need several tables and do a lot of
joins. And the output is way harder to get and to parse.

* ecosystem: when you use hbase you automatically get the whole hadoop,
or better apache foundation, ecosystem right away. Not only hdfs, but
mapred, lucene, spark, kafka etc. etc..

There are only two real arguments against hbase in that scenario:

* joins etc.: well, in sql that's a question of minutes. In hbase that
takes a little more effort. BUT: then it's done the right way ;).

* RDMSs are more widely known: well ... that's not the fault of hbase ;).

Thus, I think that the hbase community should be more self-reliant for
that matter, even and especially for applications in the SQL realm ;).
Which is a good opportunity to say congratulations for the hbase 1.0
milestone. And thank you for that.

Best wishes


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