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From Andrew Purtell <apurt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.98.13 is now available for download
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2015 19:35:21 GMT
Apache HBase 0.98.13 is now available for download. Get it from an Apache
mirror [1] or Maven repository.

The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes [2]
or following this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
2. http://s.apache.org/F70

HBASE-8725 Add total time RPC call metrics
HBASE-11658 Piped commands to hbase shell should return non-zero if shell
command failed.
HBASE-12413 Mismatch in the equals and hashcode methods of KeyValue
HBASE-12415 Add add(byte[][] arrays) to Bytes.
HBASE-12987 HBCK should print status while scanning over many regions
HBASE-13035 [0.98] Backport HBASE-12867 - Shell does not support custom
replication endpoint specification
HBASE-13084 Add labels to VisibilityLabelsCache asynchronously causes
TestShell flakey
HBASE-13122 Improve efficiency for return codes of some filters
HBASE-13132 Improve RemoveColumn action debug message
HBASE-13200 Improper configuration can leads to endless lease recovery
during failover
HBASE-13216 Add version info in RPC connection header
HBASE-13217 Procedure fails due to ZK issue
HBASE-13301 Possible memory leak in BucketCache
HBASE-13312 SmallScannerCallable does not increment scan metrics
HBASE-13325 Protocol Buffers 2.5 no longer available for download on
HBASE-13333 Renew Scanner Lease without advancing the RegionScanner
HBASE-13344 Add enforcer rule that matches our JDK support statement
HBASE-13350 Add a debug-warn if we fail HTD checks even if
table.sanity.checks is false
HBASE-13366 Throw DoNotRetryIOException instead of read only IOException
HBASE-13369 Expose scanNext stats to region server level
HBASE-13377 Canary may generate false alarm on the first region when there
are many delete markers
HBASE-13382 IntegrationTestBigLinkedList should use SecureRandom
HBASE-13412 Region split decisions should have jitter
HBASE-13413 Create an integration test for Replication
HBASE-13417 batchCoprocessorService() does not handle NULL keys
HBASE-13420 RegionEnvironment.offerExecutionLatency Blocks Threads under
Heavy Load
HBASE-13430 HFiles that are in use by a table cloned from a snapshot may be
deleted when that snapshot is deleted
HBASE-13431 Allow to skip store file range check based on column family
while creating reference files in HRegionFileSystem#splitStoreFile
HBASE-13436 Include user name in ADE for scans
HBASE-13437 ThriftServer leaks ZooKeeper connections
HBASE-13457 SnapshotExistsException doesn't honor the DoNotRetry
HBASE-13471 Fix a possible infinite loop in doMiniBatchMutation
HBASE-13473 deleted cells come back alive after the stripe compaction
HBASE-13475 Small spelling mistake in region_mover#isSuccessfulScan causes
HBASE-13477 Create metrics on failed requests
HBASE-13482 Phoenix is failing to scan tables on secure environments.
HBASE-13490 foreground daemon start re-executes ulimit output
HBASE-13491 Issue in FuzzyRowFilter#getNextForFuzzyRule
HBASE-13494 0.98: Remove remove(K, V) from type PoolMap<K,V>
HBASE-13526 TestRegionServerReportForDuty can be flaky: hang or timeout
HBASE-13528 A bug on selecting compaction pool
HBASE-13534 Change HBase master WebUI to explicitly mention if it is a
backup master
HBASE-13546 NPE on region server status page if all masters are down
HBASE-13550 [Shell] Support unset of a list of table attributes
HBASE-13563 Add missing table owner to AC tests.
HBASE-13564 Master MBeans are not published
HBASE-13579 Avoid isCellTTLExpired() for NO-TAG cases
HBASE-13585 HRegionFileSystem#splitStoreFile() finishes without closing the
file handle in some situation
HBASE-13592 RegionServer sometimes gets stuck during shutdown in case of
cache flush failures
HBASE-13600 check_compatibility.sh should ignore shaded jars
HBASE-13601 Connection leak during log splitting
HBASE-13604 bin/hbase mapredcp does not include yammer-metrics jar
HBASE-13608 413 Error with Stargate through Knox, using AD, SPNEGO, and
HBASE-13610 Backport HBASE-13222 (Provide means of non-destructive balancer
inspection) to 0.98
HBASE-13612 TestRegionFavoredNodes doesn't guard against setup failure
HBASE-13618 ReplicationSource is too eager to remove sinks
HBASE-13625 Use HDFS for HFileOutputFormat2 partitioner's path
HBASE-13628 Use AtomicLong as size in BoundedConcurrentLinkedQueue
HBASE-13632 Backport HBASE-13368 to branch-1 and 0.98
HBASE-13635 Regions stuck in transition because master is incorrectly
assumed dead
HBASE-13647 Default value for hbase.client.operation.timeout is too high
HBASE-13651 Handle StoreFileScanner FileNotFoundException
HBASE-13658 Improve the test run time for TestAccessController class
HBASE-13662 RSRpcService.scan() throws an OutOfOrderScannerNext if the scan
has a retriable failure
HBASE-13668 TestFlushRegionEntry is flaky
HBASE-13671 More classes to add to the invoking repository of
HBASE-13677 RecoverableZookeeper WARNs on expected events
HBASE-13684 Allow mlockagent to be used when not starting as root
HBASE-13703 ReplicateContext should not be a member of ReplicationSource
HBASE-13711 Provide an API to set min and max versions in HColumnDescriptor
HBASE-13712 Backport HBASE-13199 to branch-1
HBASE-13721 Improve shell scan performances when using LIMIT
HBASE-13723 In table.rb scanners are never closed.
HBASE-13727 Codehaus repository is out of service
HBASE-13731 TestReplicationAdmin should clean up MiniZKCluster resource
HBASE-13734 Improper timestamp checking with VisibilityScanDeleteTracker
HBASE-13746 list_replicated_tables command is not listing table in hbase
HBASE-13752 Temporarily disable TestCorruptedRegionStoreFile on 0.98
HBASE-13757 TestMultiParallel (and others) failing on 0.98 since HBASE-13712
HBASE-13761 Optimize FuzzyRowFilter
HBASE-13767 Allow ZKAclReset to set and not just clear ZK ACLs
HBASE-13768 ZooKeeper znodes are bootstrapped with insecure ACLs in a
secure configuration
HBASE-13776 Setting illegal versions for HColumnDescriptor does not throw
HBASE-13777 Table fragmentation display triggers NPE on master status page
HBASE-13778 BoundedByteBufferPool incorrectly increasing runningAverage
buffer length
HBASE-13779 Calling table.exists() before table.get() end up with an empty
HBASE-13780 Default to 700 for HDFS root dir permissions for secure
HBASE-13789 ForeignException should not be sent to the client
HBASE-13799 javadoc how Scan gets polluted when used; if you set attributes
or ask for scan metrics
HBASE-13801 Hadoop src checksum is shown instead of HBase src checksum in
master / RS UI
HBASE-13807 [0.98] NoTagsKeyValue optimization is not proper
HBASE-13812 Deleting of last Column Family of a table should not be allowed
HBASE-13826 Unable to create table when group acls are appropriately set.
HBASE-13828 Add group permissions testing coverage to AC.
HBASE-13837 [0.98] TestBoundedByteBufferPool does not compile with JDK 1.6
HBASE-13846 Run MiniCluster on top of other MiniDfsCluster
HBASE-13854 TestTableLockManager#testLockTimeoutException fails in 0.98 and
1.0 branches
HBASE-13873 LoadTestTool addAuthInfoToConf throws
HBASE-13875 Clock skew between master and region server may render restored
region without server address

Best regards,

   - Andy

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back. - Piet Hein
(via Tom White)

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